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L'Accolade par Pierre Lefebvre / Restaurant Gastronomique à Caen

Day after day, my kitchen is ever more sincere, ever more rooted in our region.

I trained with masters… as a musician. I developed my knowledge and my know-how, a technicality, my creativity, nourished by a solid university and conservatory background, to become a professional musician and a teacher for several years.

Guided by a passion for cooking, I naturally transposed these skills in 2012 during a brilliant retraining in the world of gastronomy.

The opportunity to perform as a Masterchef finalist on TF1 that same year, and to seek my title of winner of the Best of Masterchef in 2013.

Confirmed in this new way, I then undertook a sustainable, exciting, demanding project:

The Accolade opened its table in 2014.

Since then, I have been building this house day after day, ever more sincere, ever more rooted in our region with its exceptional resources. 

Wishing to pass on, I am now taking a team of 10 people on this culinary journey, training new generations each year in a certain vision of gastronomy.


Naturally, in 2020, I pursued my desire to generously share my passion for Norman and seasonal products, ethical and accessible gastronomy, and created within my restaurant,Eat On Stage, as an alternative and valuable proposition to street food.


Pierre Lefebvre


A culinary journey

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