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L'Accolade par Pierre Lefebvre / Restaurant Gastronomique à Caen

real partners

with common values

Our eco-responsible commitment and our quest for excellence leads us to work with a local network of exceptional producers, craftsmen and traders, who are true partners with common values:

  • Market gardeners in organic farming:Prepetit's farmin Proussy (14)  ,Kami's Gardensin Ouville-La-Bien-Tournée (14) ,GAEC du Clos du Mont d'Orin Avenay (14),Gonnegirls Farmin Gonneville-en-Auge (14),The little shootsin Gonneville-en-Auge (14)

  • Norman meats:Squab from the Suisse Normandein Croisilles (14),Prépetit's farm - Organic calves and pigs in Proussy (14) ,The Descures Farm - Pigs of Bayeuxin Montchauvet (14), La Chaiseronne - Channel pig and Normandy beef in Brecey (50),Bouillon Farm - Poultryin Mutrécy (14)

  • Sustainable local fishing:Jeanne Marayagein Port-en-Bessin (14),planet seain Mondeville (14)

  • Cheeses, dairy:Jean-Luc Peltierin Saint-Sylvain (14),Gaec du Bois de Canonin Mézidon (14), GAEC du Clos du Mont d'Orin Avenay (14)

  • Organic sourdough bread and ancient flours:Living Breadin Bretteville-sur-Odon (14) 

  • Organic flours:Earl de la Touchein Domfront (61) 

  • Honey :Percheron black framesin Belleme (61)

  • Cider products:Domaine Antoine Maroisin Cambremer (14),Pacory Farmin Mantilly (61)

  • Lemonade:Sollibulles Moo Colain Saint-Pair-Sur-Mer (50) 

  • Consulting wine merchant:The Dishes Chaisin Caen (14) 

  • Grocery :Le Paulmier/Beyond Spicesin Montreuil-La-Cambe (61)

  • Brewery :Bay Breweryin Pontorson (50),The Two Loversin Val-de-Reuil (27)

  • ​ Cabinetwork, joinery, fittings:Alca Cabinetmakingin Yvetot (76)

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